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    Question best price for .IN with Email & URL Forwarding service?

    I'd like to register some .in (orginally planned .in, .it or .de but I am not eligible for registering them...)
    and use them as forwarding urls and emails...

    Where can I find the best price for such service?
    I know that DirectI provides their reseller at US$12.99 per .in and $0.49 x 3 for Managed DNS+URL & Email Forwarding services, but I do not have a DNS server myself.

    Thanks again.

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    Last time i registered .IN from for $13.40/year (.IN)
    I didn't wanted managed dns etc. so you can ask its price to them.
    They accept Paypal.

    Hope this helps.

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    I hit a few other places when the landrush was on but after eNom added .in that is where I have bought mine.

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    US$21.99 is a bit expensive for me ... (For buying just 5 or 6).
    I am still interested in register thru DirectI as a reseller, but I am still having a headache what DNS address should I fill in if I subscribe their Managed DNS/URL Forwarding & Email Forwarding services... I wrote to their support but after 3 days I still dun get a response :\
    I submited twice again today lol.

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    You can register .IN from for NT$350(under USD 12)/year.

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    Are there any salesnumbers of the new second-level .IN domains yet ?

    It would surprise me if the trick of selling it as INternet would actually work, but it should get decent sales because of the growing companies doing business with India alone...

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    Gerrit - do you mean the third level .In domains? Keep in mind that is a second level .in domain as .in itself is the top level, and domain in is the second level.

    Enom is going to be implementing support for and selling third level .in domains in the next quarter (they expect anyways).

    I believe Enom's price is $17.00 for the second level (and mostly will be for third level as well) - they offer url/email forwarding, as well as managed or custom dns abilities. I know they are not the cheapest, but I think their dns and support system for .in domains is a bit better as a whole then most of the others. You may be able to find a .in registry directly in india that would be able to provide a smaller reg fee. I dont know one off hand though, sorry.

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