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    Trying to install HotSaNIC on CentOS 4

    Hello all,

    Been reading through, which is an awesome site BTW, and decided to install HotSaNIC on a particular CentOS 4 server.

    Followed these instructions perfectly:

    I did the same thing on several RHEL 3 servers, and it worked PERFECTLY.

    Do you by any chance have any idea what is causing this not to work?

    Error I get is:
    <<snip, many of the same>>
    No database found
    Please check if the daemon is running.
    No database found
    Please check if the daemon is running.
    No database found

    This is when I run ./

    If this is a 2.6 issue, I can accept that and will look for another solution. If anyone knows of any scripts that can do the same or better job, please post about them.

    Best regards,
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    i had problem with running MRTG on centos 3.4 64bit ,
    server load was over 500+ and there was over 200-300 TOP running proccess !
    problem resolved after uninstalling MRTG and rebooting server,

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    LOL Load over 500 from MRTG?

    Wow, that's terrible that MRTG buggered up your machine

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