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    Multiple Webcams from one IP address

    Dear all,

    I have a client who is going to be doing a sponsored 24 hour event and they would like to setup multiple cameras at their location to record the event and upload the output from each camera to my server where their website resides. they will then want people to be able to choose which camera to view at any given moment.

    Trouble is I have never done this before and havent a clue where to start. ONe issue I can think of straight away is that they will be uploading images from one IP address on their local broadband connection.

    Can someone tell me if there is any software they or I need to use, or some obviously simple way of doing this which I have overlooked.

    Many thanks.
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    Ok, the way i would do it would be this...

    You can get some software that will take a photo from a webcam every x seconds and upload it stright to a server.

    Then create a page with 2 frames, in the left frame put thumbnails of the pics that have just been uploaded (dynamically with php) and when you click on a thumb nail, open a page in the right frame that is set to refresh once every x seconds (however oftern they are been uplaoded)

    That should do the trick for you, simple but it would give you a good base.
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