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    Hi everyone, I currently have a hosting account with I am not sure if anyone would have heard of them as they are an Australian company.

    I first used them a few years ago when a friend of mine was hosted through them (I was using my friend's space). When my friend didn't pay they deleted his account. (fair enough) so I started an account with them.

    Everything worked fine. My main purpose for the site was to host a gallery of my images. Just my graphic life journey. Nothing special...

    In march this year I decided to stop being so slack and get my gallery working again. (After going through the likes of coppermine, which I really didnt like).

    I downloaded a gallery script that gave me a reasonable amount of control but didn't need any PHP knowledge to use. I went to install it, but it did not work. I was just given a mountain of errors. I just thought silly me, I have done something wrong. So I asked around to try and find out the problem - with not much luck. I then emailed hoping maybe they knew what the problem was (I thought GD wasn't installed (i didnt realise this was part of PHP at the time)). To begin with they were helpfull...

    Once I realised I was not getting anywhere - I signed up for a few free hosts to test the script on. I used about 5. I think out of 5 - 4 of them let the script run. (Most of them didnt have GD or ImageMagick so I could not get thumbnails - but otherwise it worked perfectly.)

    I then contacted omniearn again with my discovery. I received no reply. The last I heard from them was April 20th. I have emailed them every couple of weeks since - and have had no response. Last week I decided enough is enough - and contacted the office of fair trading. They got in touch with omniearn for me, and I got a response today saying omniearn would be contacting me. Here is what omniearn said:


    We are aware that Ryan installed ImageMagick for you and was doing quite a few customisations for you, ImageMagick can pose security risks and as such this server has been attacked several times, as you sohuld understand we cannot provide programming assistance given current monthly fee levels and all our current scans and tests show the server itself to be working correctly.

    We are fully aware that it is your wish to transfer hosting providers to a provider which you know you will not have any hassles with your script and we will do everything we can to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

    When you decide to transfer please let us know where you would like any refunds owed deposited so we can arrange this also.

    Omniearn Support
    [email protected]

    Note: I knew nothing about ImageMagick being installed, nor was it even what I needed or enquired about. I informed them of what I had found and how I believed it was not the script (I managed to get it fully functioning on my uncle's site which is provided by his ISP).

    I should also note that in an email I received on April 17 said:
    "Sorry to have seemingly ignored you, i've taken over a small computer store in Tasmania and the flood of email i received sort of blew all my work for April all over the place."

    Now my question to you all:
    Do you think I am completely within my rights to request a full refund? I have been unable to use my website as I would like to for at least four months. They claim that the price I am paying doesn't justify them fixing the problem... But the way I see it - they offer PHP - it worked fine for about 3 years and suddenly it's gone. When i purchased it PHP was functioning. Therefore it is now not functioning as they had described - so I should be entitled to a full refund. And also theres the 24/7 support. Which I obviously found is not 24/7 support.

    This may be more of a rant/warning against omniearn. And looking back now I should have thought more about what they said when they deleted my friend's account. They said there was no way to recover the files of mine they deleted. (Which included about 6 months of photos. - my computer had been formatted a couple of days beforehand due to a virus and I was yet to download the files for backup.)

    Yeah. I suppose thats the end of my rant. Thanks for reading

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    tail -f /var/log/nerd
    Do you have a link to your site or any of the errors you were getting in regards to your site not working properly? I am curious if it was a problem with your script or a misconfiguration on their servers.

    Galleries are a major thing these days and having ImageMagick installed is very nessisary in the market if you want to be able to host galleries.

    None the less I would seek out a new host, one that has at the very least ImageMagick, Jhead and Zend Optimizer installed already.

    Good Luck,

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    I agree with MegaHosters. This is all pretty much basic stuff nowadays. As for ImageMagick being a serious securoty threat - thats a new one on me! Don't get me wrong, any program can become old and therefor a security risk - but that is part of this business. Keeping your apps updated and patched.
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    Hmm. My last post didn't seem to work.

    I am now asking hosting companies to show me a working gallery before I go with them

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    tail -f /var/log/nerd
    Unfortunatly you will not get any links from anyone on here as we are not allowed as per the rules of the forums to post links to our sites in the form of self promotion. You are best to contact the potential hosts you are seeking this for and ask them if they have a test gallery you can look at.

    Good luck in your search.

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    I'm not asking for links on here. I am just saying that when I find a potential host, I am asking them for a link to a working gallery

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    From the sounds of it, your web host has terrible support, and you should be looking for a new host.

    However, I will say this: It can be very hard for "budget" hosts to help clients configure and setup scripts. Its possible the gallery script was configured improperly by you, and it was not the host's fault it did not work.

    If the host has been providing you with hosting for the last several months, and has lived up to the expectations of their ToS, you have no claim to a full refund. Its not their fault you couldn't get a 3rd party unsupported script installed.

    With that said, a pro-rated refund (if you pre-paid) would probably be something you can claim, since they have failed to support you)

    Per the file deletions: No, there is no reasonable way to recover deleted data.
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    I did not ask them to configure and set up scripts.

    The script was a downloaded gallery script and all that was needed for it to be uploaded and chmoded. Which I did myself.

    When it didn't work, I thought maybe it had something to do with GD, which I contacted them asking them if it was installed or not.

    They told me it was - so I asked some friends who knew a little about PHP, one was very helpful and told me a couple of things I could add to the script to try and determine the problem... I didnt really understand what he was doing, so I can't pass it on. But he did say a lot of "hmm. thats strange".

    I then put the exact same script - without making any changes - onto a free website. It worked fine there, with the exception of the thumbnails as the free place did not support GD.

    I went with this host as I had previously used the scripts on there and they worked fine - so I decided to get my own hosting with them.

    Suddenly after about 3 years, it stops working.

    Last year they did help me install a counter that I was having problems with - I assume that is the "customisation" they are talking about.

    Whether or not they are "budget" hosts - they should stand up to what they offer on their site. Obviously their PHP was not working properly (if you look at the links I posted -you will see what the problem is). And they definately were not standing by their 24/7 support as it took 2 months and the office of fair trading to get a reply.

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