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Thread: My Own IPs

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    Question My Own IPs

    I am looking to purchase colo space in a DC that will allow me to have my OWN IP allocation. Is this possible ?
    RIght now I am faced with the problem that savvy customers renting my servers lookup the assigned IPs and they know I am just renting space in a DC that is not mine. I am looking to purchase my own IPs and have them setup in a colo DC.
    Anybody willing to assist me on this ?


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    Check out for information on purchasing your own IPs. I don't know details because I have never done it. You aren't lying on your site saying you own your own datacenter though are you?
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    I use and it has a very good service.

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    Dont hijack the IP's

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    I don't see the big deal if a client knows that you are colo your servers in a DC. A good DC is expenisive and the major of hosts couldn't afford that. I'd had see savvis there then some thing leading to a home IP address, cause you have them in your closet in your house and call that a DC.

    Now if you were a reseller of a reseller of a reseller that rents a server from a server company that then colos there servers in a DC I could see that being an issue.

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