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    My main site, ( is up for sale.

    This site has been launched in Sept 2004 and has gotten to be a very popular site.

    The site provides free access to GMail using a wireless WAP device.

    It has 16343 registered users at last count and over 1000 users use it to check their gmail accounts on a daily basis.

    The main site receives 200-500 visitors daily, while the wap site (where the users check their emails) recieves over 1000 visitors daily.

    Check the stats at - -

    You can search for 'gmailwireless' on google and see that the site has been listed, reviewed and discussed on various forums and blog sites.

    The site does not earn any revenue,

    FYI, Adsense had been put on it at first, but google had asked to remove it for unknown reasons, but probably because the site has the phrase 'gmail' in it.

    Im not looking to sell this site cheap. The site will not be sold if a decent offer is not received.

    Payment will be via only.
    Vipul Kapadia

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    Starting price and BIN?

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    No Starting Price or BIN, please put in your bids.
    I might set a BIN on a later date.

    Auction ends July 4, 12 noon EST
    Vipul Kapadia

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    Since there is no set starting price, I'll get it started.


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    what are the chances of google coming after you for trademark infringement?

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    All of the links at the bottom of the page, is their any obligation to keep them up?

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    Bleak chances that Google would go for trademark infringement since they dont even hold the trademark to gmail.

    No obligation to keep any of the links on the site.
    Vipul Kapadia

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    I know youre not posting a BIN but please let us know what your personal opinion of a 'decent offer' is.

    If its $1000 (for example) then theres little point us starting at $100. Perhaps a reserve figure?
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    Ok.. the reserve price is definetely greater than $1000.
    Vipul Kapadia

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