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    [For Sale] Hit Visitor Counter Website - Great potential!

    Hello WHT,

    Im strongly considering selling my free hit counter website, as im in need of some money, and ive been too busy with designing to help advertise it further.

    The Domains: &

    Advertised Locations: The only places the website has been advertised is on 2 forum signatures, free image hosting website, and in a rotation on a free webhosting forum.

    The Stats: It was put up in the last few days of May and had 10+ typins (no advertising) for (screenshot not available, was not on my server). I dont believe its listed on google as well.

    June Stats

    The site was not up until the 6th on the server, and not advertised on the image/forum websites until sometime soon after the 10th.

    As you can see it has its on and off days, and on the website it currently has 9 counters being served. It does not require a database.

    It has great potential with some more advertising, and the domain name is nice as well.

    Im not sure on a BIN, but ill start the bidding at $50 . If you would like to offer me a BIN, just PM me. PM me for all questions as well. I have the right to reject any bids.

    What you get: .ZIP of all files (including header .PSD) (Free Godaddy push) and (Free Namecheap Push)

    Payment: Paypal


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    $50 Bid Recieved, - BIN ill set at $90

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    has it sold yet?
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    Has not been sold yet, closing it later today unless more time needed for some reason.
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