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    24/7/365 cPanel Helpdesk,Apache,DNS,Expert Security

    24/7/365 Helpdesk

    ONLY $0.50 per ticket!

    I am pleased to announce a WHT special offer for:
    24/7/365 Private-label Server Admins and Helpdesk
    We have a team of 40 professional Unix and Windows web-server admins that are available to fix any problem and answer your Helpdesk 24-hours/day.

    Our Staff :
    Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced, and all have highly respectable certification.
    Staff technicians have one or more of the following:
    - BS/MS in Computer Science
    - CompTIA A+
    - Cisco: CCNA, CCNP
    - CIW
    - Redhat: RHCE
    - Various others
    We don't rely solely on certifications - our technicians are required and able to solve every problem that may occur on a live server.

    What kind of tickets can you answer?

    Our admins can fix any issues, including:
    - CPanel issues, upgrades, fixes, security
    - DNS problems, customized MX, subdomains, propagation issues
    - Apache overloading, optimizing
    - Email problems, spam, forwarders, errors sending/receiving
    - FTP issues, anonymous FTP, hacked accounts
    - MySQL problems, user/password, remote login, slowness/speed
    - PHP modules, mcrypt, gd, imagemagick, curl, sockets
    - SSL installation, generate CSR, lost KEY
    - Domain name, whois, dns, new domain propagation issues
    - etc etc etc

    - $2/Customer Support ticket, (bulk discounts below)
    - $5/Server Administration ticket

    Bulk Discounts:
    Customer Support tickets:
    $1.50 per ticket, includes 100 tickets
    $1.25 per ticket, includes 250 tickets
    $1.00 per ticket, includes 500 tickets
    $0.50 per ticket, includes 1000 tickets

    Server Administration tickets:
    $2.50 per ticket, includes 20 tickets
    $2.25 per ticket, includes 50 tickets
    $2.00 per ticket, includes 100 tickets

    What is a Server Administration ticket?
    An issue that is server-wide and involves system services e.g. apache failure.

    What is a Customer Support ticket?

    Any issue that involves a regular user or reseller user, e.g. mysql password problem.

    Can I use you as my own branded company-name Support?
    Yes! In fact, all emails and support tickets are sent using [email protected] !
    Everything we do is under your company name.
    Your customers will think we are your own support staff.

    What is the response time?

    Response time is 1-hour.
    10-minute-response is available at additional $3/ticket.

    Can you answer only a few tickets, or only while I am away?
    Yes, you can setup a schedule when we should answer tickets.

    Can you work with our current system?
    Yes! We will work with any software you are using, including:
    - Perldesk
    - Modernbill
    - WHM AutoPilot
    - Kayako
    - Perlbill
    - All other billing/CRM/email/helpdesk systems

    NOTE: We remain 100% transparent on all helpdesk systems. Only your brand will appear.

    What Operating Systems / software do you support?
    Our technical staff support every operating system and Control Panel software, including:
    - WHM/CPanel
    - Linux
    - FreeBSD
    - Plesk
    - Ensim
    - Alabanza
    - H-sphere
    - All other systems

    Where are you located?
    Our business is based in New York, USA.
    Our technical staff is located in Israel.

    How many clients do we support now?
    We currently support over 18 major web-hosting companies.
    Companies remain undisclosed.

    How reliable is our security?
    Our system is built from the ground-up with security in mind.
    User Level Security:
    - All data is SSL encrypted
    - All accounts are blocked with security passwords
    System Level Security:
    - 128-bit data encryption - protects data even if server was compromised
    - Extensive Security logging and monitoring
    Free 10-day trial
    To signup, you need to currently have at least 20+ tickets/day (the more the better).

    For more information:
    You can contact us via live chat below.
    Via email: [email protected]
    AIM:WhiteCollar18 - MSN:[email protected]
    YIM:[email protected]

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    Few comments.

    We have tried the services . And its great.
    We have asked them to transfer for us DirectAdmin accounts server into Cpanel frash new server. And they did it within 1 hour.

    Also they fully secured the server after they finished the transfer.

    Its just amazing.

    my 2cents.

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    Oct 2004
    I have a small query for you.

    How long have you been in this support business ?
    ESC :wq!

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    Originally posted by firestarter
    I have a small query for you.

    How long have you been in this support business ?
    We've been doing Datacenter support since '99, and on WHT since 2 years ago.

    Warm regards,
    AIM:WhiteCollar18 - MSN:[email protected]
    YIM:[email protected]

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