I'm building a team of individuals to assist in the development of an ecommerce/cms dynasty. Our first site has over 5,000 members after online time of less than a year. Currently just don't have the time to keep up with the demand and speed the internet and our market needs. In exchange Iím open to suggestions, looking for a long relationship with payroll, direct deposit and insurance if needed arranged after 120 day evaluation. End of evaluation doesnít end relationship, could simply mean other terms have been arranged. Don't expect to get rich quick but be a guardian angel to one of our child company web sites. This is really more for anyone who would enjoy doing this as a hobby or form of residual income. Let me know if you're interested and I can get you the details about the site.

At this point many variables are needed to keep up with our needs however 3-5 years in e-commerce, cms, and seo are required. To be specific, if youíve been involved in a project and your designs, ideas pushed a company forward significantlyÖ pm me

I could post email, instant messaging name or whatever but for serious inquires pm will get the job done just fine! Iím a laid back Bob Marley fan thatís no stranger to Jack and his cousin Coke. I have two months to get each aspect running 100% to prep for major campaign in four months which at this rate may be the future in technology for our market!

Would be great to have team formed are nearing settlement around the July 4, 2005 holiday.