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    Unhappy Google cancelled my Adsense Account


    i'm a newbie to this site ... as a USER but i visit this site daily .. and i'm very much impressed by the "reviews and replies" by the members of this FORUM ...

    Here is my problem ...

    Today Google cancelled my adsense account ... mentioning that "It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on
    the ads on your web pages" ... but i didn't clin on any ads displaying on my site .. moreover my daily cliks were not more than 50-60 .

    Everything is fine according to me .. my Page impression my CTR each and everything ....

    Now guess what ...

    Even Google cancelled my account, but ads are still displaying on my site ... i don't understand is it somekind of silly mistake or something which i dunno ???

    Any guesses ?

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    This has happened to me quite alot, it's because someone has kept clicking the ads to generate money for you and it shows up as invalid. Because of the way Google are about this you wont get your Adsense account back unless you can prove with very good evidence that they aren't invalid clicks.
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    It would be nice if google was able to just block the offending clickers. I run a free hosting service for clans and I have had to talk to two clans and even send out a mass e-mail after recivieving PMs stating "I clicked your banners a bunch of times to get you tons of money" =/
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    Thanks rackley but the question is that ... WHO ? bz i didn't cliked on my any ad .. n as i told earlier cliks are not more thn 50 per day .. while page impression is around 6000-8000 ...

    i asked google to show me the LOGS but i don't think that they'll provide me the LOG details ...

    Ads are still displaying on my site .. ?

    But account is cancelled any comments on that ?

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    Did you tell Google that it could be overzealous supporters of your website? Lets' see how they reply!

    I agree with 'justadollarhosting', fraud clicks should just be nulled, it is beyond the control of the webmaster.

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    In My experence, once they cancle it, you havent got a chance.

    The second you ask them to prove it or anything like that you will get a responce something like "Sorry we cannot disclose infomation on your proprity fraud detection system"

    After 8 months of emailing them about a year ago when they cancled one that i know of the only answer that was every recived was, i'm sorry but we carnt tell you.
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    actually according to google they measure through many tech they have built with

    suppose you from japan,

    if the clicks are appearing from your region, they take a measure of your site.

    they check where the clicks come from and how many clicks are coming from that region , are there any robos giving away false impressions and clicks.

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    Thanks for replies guys ...

    But once account has been cancelled ... howcome ads are coming ...

    It still displaying on my site ...

    as a matter of fact if you've an enemy thn you LOST your ADSENSE ACCOUNT thatz really nonsense ... bz he/she or anyone cliks on your ads and Google get a chance to cancel it ...

    thatz not fair ..

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    Did your email ask you to remove the code from your site?
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    Nope nothing like that .. all they said is

    "It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on the ads on your web pages. We have therefore disabled your Google AdSense account."

    Thatz it ...

    If ads are still displaying on my site from morning till now ...

    thn watz the possible cause of the Account Suspension" is it some kind of (silly mistake) by Google or wat ????

    If someone else cliked on my site thn WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED?

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    Yea, they are in no way lenient so invalid clicks dont always have to come from you. I know a lot of websites with high traffic that get their accounts cancelled because of this when they have done nothing. I myself have not had a problem with this yet but I assume something will come up in the future for whatever reason. As far as the ads still displaying on the site, you have the code on your pages, if that is what you mean.
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    You're right phlint .. but whn google disable someone's account that time ads were removed itself .. .you don't need to remove the code of the ads from your PAGE ....

    Google policy is gud but not for innocent ppl ....

    Only innocent ppl pay such price ...

    I sent 3-4 mails to google but didn't get any reply from their side ...

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    I hope you get it fixed, Kewlguy.
    I was thinking of putting Google banners on my site, but if people start on clicking like mads, no way.

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    i don't knw ... now nothing else to say ...

    Still waiting for GOOGLE reply ... lets see ..

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    Remove the code and move on...

    Google would rather piss you off then many advertisers. It's unfortunate, but realistic.

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    Finally they removed the CODE ... why the heck i should i remove ...

    Itz their job and they did that .. lol :d

    anyways GOOGLE f****** me ...

    i wish no-one else will be a victim of GOOGLE ...

    waiting for YAHOO ads .. hope they've npt like GOOGLE ..

    seriously GOOGLE disappoint me ... they are only generating revenue by us nothing else .. thatz why there SHARE is goin' up day-by-day .. :p

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