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    Thumbs up Hellohost: 18 months together

    After 18 months as a reseller of Hellohost, I had to grow up and get my own dedicated box. So here are some words about them.

    I run a hosting business in Romania, and ~18 months ago I've decided to switch to Hellohost after a pretty uncomfortable experience with SolidWebHosting. I was right before Xmas, and I was exhausted after a 2-weeks search and comparision. Finally I choose them. It was a good choice.

    They were very friendly from the beginning of the discussion, and answered all my pre-sales questions quick and accurate; also very cooperative when I had to move my accounts (remember, it was in between Xmas and New Year). So, after less than a week (including dns propagation) I had my accounts moved and online.
    Since then we became friends.

    Network: 9/10
    A single issue was related to them, and I had to have a performance slowdown for about several hours. However, I understood it: they were moving some other accounts, and making this in the middle of the night, to stress as little as possible othar customers. I was one of the others, since I am 8 hours ahead them. The other issues were related to ThePlanet (upper stream), and nothing to do with Hellohost.

    Support: 10/10
    No matter when I turn on my computer, at least one of my friends from Hellohost is online (remember, I needed them when most Texas people is asleep). They were ALLWAYS friendly and open-minded, even when I passed the line and triggered some false alarms. Also, no matter what type of hosting problem I run into, I could find a solution with them.

    Price: 9/10
    Their prices are excellent. I would like to also have my dedicated server from them, but being very tight on finance, I had to find an unmanaged solution.

    Overall, if you want to start a hosting business, or just to start your online presence, Hellohost is an excellent choice.

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    Great experience! What's their url?

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    It's 8 word in his review.

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    Hello gupi. It seems like you made the right choice by going with them and I'm glad to see that you could afford their service. Much too often people make bad hosting choices because they try to pay the absolute minimum.

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    Nice review! Do keep us posted when you complete 2 Years

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    I checked their site, seems nice, prices are a bit higher then others, but i believe you get what you pay for is real in this case. Anyway, let's hope we can find same good service on other providers too )

    thx for the review.

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    I like their domain name :-)
    Specially 4 You
    JoneSolutions.Com ( Jones.Solutions ) is on the net 24/7 providing stable and reliable web hosting solutions and services since 2001

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    We have used HelloHost for the past 10 months.

    Four words sum up HelloHost:
    Excellent people, and Excellent company!
    "Legal Protection for the Hosting Industry"

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