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    Advertising Software?

    HI there,

    I have an enquiry by my clients and hope some of you can provide me with some sugestions.

    My clients wanted to setup a advertising site using some free scripts that available however he tried using Phplink but he have no ideas how to configure that software.

    So i hope you guys can help me out by providing me with some information on where can i find some free software use for advertising purposes?

    Thank you

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    What exactly do you mean by advertising software? Are you looking for software to do banner rotation on a site?
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    Well what my client want is a fre scripts to use to operate a website which is use for advertising purpose.

    Something similar to Phplink which allow his customer to add their link over at their website, and with a click on his admin panel, it wil appear on his website, which also allow banner advertisement as well, it i'm not wrong, he is a newbie who doesn't know scripting so he is depending on free software.

    He did provide me with a website at , he hope to find simliar free source to be able to create something like the website mention.

    I believe there should be such free source scripts around but not too sure where to get it, t seem like a directory, hope someone can provide me with some good software, so i can get back to my clients soon.

    Thank you
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