Cleaning out the spare parts rack!

I have the following sun stuff for sale. I'm flexible on pricing, so make me an offer on what you would like.

Qty. 2 450mhz UltraSPARC IIi cpus (for ultra 60, sunfire, axmp, E450 etc)

Qty. 2 360mhz UltraSPARC IIi cpus (same applications as above)

Qty. 2 128MB DIMMs for ultra 5/10 (50ns)

Qty. 4 256MB DIMMs for ultra 5/10, AXmp +, etc. (60ns)

Sun Ultra 5 workstation: 333mhz, 1GB ram, 60GB disk, PGX32 graphics, cdrom

Sun Ultra 60 workstation: 2x450mhz, 512MB ram, 2x18GB, Creator 3D graphics, cdrom

Axil 320 (sparc 20 clone): 4x100mhz Ross Hypersparc (quad!), 512MB ram, 2x18GB, SunSwift SCSI/ethernet, no graphics or cdrom

Axil 320 (sparc 20 clone): 2xSM51 cpu, 512MB ram, 2x4GB, TGX graphics, hme 100 ethernet

I'm located in Northern CA about 2 hours north of San Francisco. I can ship, you can pickup, or for the right price I'll deliver within a 3 hour drive or so. I am happy to consider any reasonable offers on any or all of the hardware, though I don't want to part out the complete machines unless you make me a very good deal.

Thanks for looking