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    web based email access

    I'm looking for an Web Based email application for the sole purpose of allowing some of our clients to access their local POP3 emails while on the road...etc.

    It must look and feel like Outlook and can be synced with Outlook as well.

    The only thing I found is SiteMail offered by HostWay , but I believe they are not licensing it.

    I recall long time ago I saw something like that, but can't put my finger on it.

    The purpose of this, to offer as close look/feel as Web Based Outlook 2003 that comes with Exchange.

    Any tips are much apprecaited. Thx!
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    I believe @mail is close to what you are looking for.

    Otherwise, there is Hive Mail.

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    Atmail is great and leaves hivemail for dead for Functionality, but if you include all the modules, it's rather expensive.


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    Is there any in the opensource market out there? I am also looking for one since a long time. Since I want to provide a free service I would hesitate to pay for it.

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