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    trying to protect my son from offending sites

    Does anyone know how to find out which sites have been accessed even if history and files have been erased? I am running windows 98.

    Thank you


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    There are usually cookies left behind, regardless of using the "Clear cookies" tool located in IE (presuming you use IE), I believe the cookie folder is located in Documents and settings, go to your user name and there should be a cookie folder located inside, I'm not sure if this is the exact location as I get a little Windows rusty having used Linux for quite a while.

    You may want to check your temp files also. If you are paranoid for whatever reason, a good piece of software is Window washer, you can get the trial off

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    Thank you Jeff for replying. I am not exactly paranoid, just a bit upset with my spouse who is the one going to offending sites. I was told I could go to a "hosts" file and enter some numbers along with the name, so that's what i wanted to do, but if i don't know the name of the site then i can't do that.

    by the way, i haven't been able to do what i was told correctly anyway, but i do want to keep trying.

    i'm not understanding what you mean by documents and settings, user name, cookie folder. i did not find that in that order anyway. what am i looking for?

    please advise.

    thank you

    PS: i will have to try all this out in the morning, i'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard.


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    Please obtain a copy of Window washer from as I suggested, this will erase absolutely everything left from browsing.

    Edit; Link to file;

    After you've finished washing you can go to bed in the knowledge there will be nothing for your son to find

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    hosts file -> c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

    add <site here>

    to view sites , do a search for index.dat , including hidden folders, and open them with notepad, the search will return a few of them, look for the ones in folders such as Cookies, History, Local Settings, Temporary Internet Files, and so on.

    Hope it works out.
    Another good piece of software for restricting various aspects of access is Child Control, have a google for it.
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