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    please help me pick a webhost

    For hours I've been trying to find a good webhost that meets my needs. I've gone to so many and my eyes are getting tired...

    I need a webhost who is fairly cheap ($5-10) and accepts checks/money orders. Also the payment needs to be monthly, not annually. I've been tricked way too many times today by companies saying its monthly...

    Basically what I need is about 1000-3000MB storage, 30-50 GB data transfer. I also need all the standard things like subdomains, mysql databases, and FTP.

    So yeah, if anyone knows anything that would suit me, could you please help me!?


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    I can easily recommend

    I have been with them for over 2 years and they are super.

    edit: sorry, I just noticed your space and bandwidth requirements are larger than the plans offered by Perfecthost.
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    sorry, I just noticed your space and bandwidth requirements are larger than the plans offered by Perfecthost.
    I have a hunch that they can make him an offer to fit his space&bandwidth requirements, but the price will be considerably larger than $10.

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    Geez, there's a lot that fit your criteria. I like to use NTChosting, i've been with them for 4 years now and love their customer service. But I'll list a few more that match your criteria.

    Plan name, Co. Name, Price/mo, Data Storage, Data Transfer, Email addys, OS

    SILVER 2000PP,, $2.49, 2 GB, 30 GB, 200, Linux

    GOLD 5000PP,, $4.24, 5 GB, 60 GB, 1000, Linux

    SiteGround, SiteGround, $5.00, 1 GB, 100 GB, 1000 Linux,

    Personal, Dot 5, Hosting, $5.00,1.5 GB, 50 GB, Unlimited, Linux

    Business, WKAI-LTD, $5.42, 2.5 GB, 40 GB, 100, Linux

    Unix Hosting Plus, Omnis Network, $6.95, 1 GB, 100 GB, 500, Unix

    Standard Plan, HostingZoom Inc, $6.95, 1 GB, 40 GB, Linux

    Basic Hosting Package, Bravenet Web Services, $6.95, 1 GB, 30 GB, 30, Linux

    S-H100, ToeHosting, $7.19, 3 GB, 40 GB, unlimited, Linux

    Prologic, Start Logic, $7.50, 2 GB, 60 GB, Unix
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    A part of me feels sorry for those with requirements that just can't be met by most hosts for the price, but then part of me thinks they deserve what they get when bite for "bargains" that end up being disasters due to overselling, etc. (not aimed at anyone in particular, just a general rant)....

    Corey, unfortunately you're looking at $10-$20/mo. instead of $5-$10 for an account with resources of that magnitude. Anything much less than that, and you'll most assuredly see compromises somewhere in the service. With that in mind, Site5 or MediaTemple might be good places to start. They can meet your price only by pre-payment; you'll have to spend a few dollars more to pay monthly.

    Best of luck,

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    You might want to look at, they offer exactly what you need.

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    I think there may be hosts that can give you what you ask for. However, often the plans in that range mean you end up dissatisfied with the quality of service. I have done a fair amount of research on budget web hosts, and many of those have a very poor customer satisfaction record. Which includes some that have been mentioned in this thread.

    One host that has a good track record, and that I am personally satisfied with, is DreamHost. They do offer generous amounts of space+bandwidth, and you can pay montly. The cost will be in the upper part of your price range.
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    Well heres my advice...

    Grab a bit of paper and find some hosting companies, hostgator, site5 and mediatemple have already been mentioned try to find a few more, when i used to look for hosting, i would normally get about 10.

    Visit each site, and look for the best plan you can afford, write down the price, bandwidth, space and any other features you feel important.

    Once you have done that, cross out any that dont meet your requirements for your cost.

    If you have any left, email them, you want to ask some basic questions like can you pay the way you want to, how oftern you want to etc. This will help you with 2 things, 1. Speed of support, and 2. Are they right for you.

    Hopefully when they have replied, you will have a couple of hosts left that can provide what you want. Then its time to hit google, search for their domain name, company name etc and try to find reviews on them. Remember that a review from 2 years ago saying they are bad isnt that helpful, companies change a lot in 2 years. Try to find recent reviews (wht is also good for this)

    Hopefully at the end you will be left with 1 company, and there you go, thats where you want to host.
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    There are tons of hosting companies on these forums that are probobly perfect for you. Because you want to play with check/money order, that might cancel some of them out. Try speaking with some of the reps from the companies you are interested in to see what kinds of things they can do for you, most are flexible.
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