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Thread: Hardware Issues

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    Hardware Issues

    I bilieve a piece of hardware is failing in one of my servers (drawing my conclusions on the network card), though I wanted to know what commands can I run to test ram, cpu, etc?

    Also what logs should I be looking at for errors, and if there is anything else I can do?

    Also how do I find out what hardware I have installed, I'm running a fedora 2 machine with cPanel (would prefer all the command be in shell form).

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    What problem are you having in the first place?

    Type 'dmesg' and see if there are any errors at the bottom of that. Also check your /var/log/messages log.

    To check what hardware you have installed, do a 'lspci'.

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    A good general test for memory (and cpu inherently) is memtest86
    it is on the fedora core first cd pop it in, turn the machine on, and when the linux boot screen appears and prompts for which type of install you want to do (normally you would just press enter) type memtest86 and hit enter
    it will begin testing your memory
    if you have a problem with your memory or cpu, that will usually make it evident

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