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Thread: Gearhost down?

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    Gearhost down?

    Haven't been able to access my site or the gearhost site for a couple of hours now. Anybody else having the same problem?


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    gearhost - any information?

    I note only one other person has mentioned Gearhost being down - anyone know what is going on?

    I had all sites out, gearhost's own site and forums out for 1 1/2 hours this morning (I'm in NZ - opposite hemisphere to Gearhost, and most people on this list, I suspect).
    It appeared to come right for a few hours and I didn't have time to check what the cause was. But now (6.15pm - 6 hours later) they are gone again.
    Anyone manage to see what the cause of the first outage was?


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    Hi leojez
    where are you located?
    i see gearhost is up again, but checked the forums; net work status and there is no mention of outages. I wonder if this only affected overseas clients?

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    Hi - thanks for the reply. It has been down - I just got this reply from a ticket I opened:

    "We are stilling looking into the network outage that was experienced this evening to find out what caused the network to go down for so long. We are in the process of going through all the traffic that we have logged coming into the network and also waiting on responses from the upstream providers. We apolagize for this inconvenience."

    Sounds serious and sounds like it could happen again. Hope they find the route to the problem.

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    Hi leojez
    - you managed to open a trouble ticket? I could not reach anything at all.
    I've put a message about it in the gearhost forum but I couldn't see any others in there talking about network problems (at least of that magnitude) so wondered if it was somehow more specific.

    I actually experienced another major one late this afternoon lasting just as long. Did you have the same?


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    Hi Stu -

    "I actually experienced another major one late this afternoon lasting just as long. Did you have the same?"

    - yes I did. I think all is quiet on the message boards because of the time difference - it being night in the US (I'm based in Japan). I managed to get the ticket through after the first outage.

    It also looks like they are having intermittant probs - just been up & down again.

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