Hello everyone.... we have owned a VPS for several months now which we use to host a large fansite along with a few other smaller sites. Much of our storage and bandwidth allocation has gone unused, so we decided to offer a limited number of shared hosting accounts on this server.

We would like to allocate up to 5 accounts with the following specifications:

- 500 MB storage
- 10 GB bandwidth
- 5 email addresses
- 5 SQL databases

Accounts run $5 per month, payable with Paypal. If you are looking for a custom account (nothing too far from the above specs), PM or email us.

We have fantastico installed on the server, and keep everything current on the OS side (we can't afford for our primary site to go down).

We are not major web hosts or anything... just a husband and wife looking to offset some of our server costs by offering a few accounts. We can guarantee that the server will never be overloaded and will respond to server issues 24-7 (emails and phonecalls go to my blackberry which is on all the time). If you have any questions don't hesitate to post here. PM or email to admin AT crystalineweb.info if interested.