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    My First Dedicated Server

    Ok, I just got it, with the following specs for personal gaming servers.

    OS: CentOS 4.X
    Hardware: AMD XP 3000 / 1024MB / 36GB SCSI
    Control Panel: None

    I got only some SSH login.

    Now what should I do? I really have no idea. I just want to put CSS Servers, should I just directly install them? I got some tuts for that. Also, how would I put them on separate IPs (Yes, I have a few).

    Also, how do I get a file? I need to get a .txt file that says it's saved there. But I have no idea how to do that thorugh SSH.
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    Well, the first thing you want to do is get that .txt file. When you log in through SSH, you need to change to the directory that the txt file is in. The command is:
    cd /path/to/file
    For instance, if the .txt file was in /home/user/, you need to use:
    cd /home/user/
    This will put you in that directory. Now to see what's in the directory, type "ls" (short for list, I guess ). Look for the file. When you see it, you need to open it with a shell text viewer, such as pico or vi. I recommend pico. To open it, type:
    pico filename
    Filename should be replaced by the full name of the file.
    When you're done looking, press ctrl+x to exit pico and return to shell.
    Good luck with your first dedicated server! PM me if you need any more help.

    EDIT: Also, to put them on different IPs, add the following to the srcds_run command:
    Replace with the IP you want that server to run on.
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    Woohoo! I'm loving this! I've gotten some great tuts, learning fast and loving it! I want my own bunch of dedicated servers! =D

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    You might want to think about Webmin it will make server management 100% easier.

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    Yes, I did install it.

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