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    Sitewide Text Links

    I have decided to offer a total of 5 sitewide text links on our Drew Barrymore fansite, The Drew Barrymore Collective. These links will appear on every page of the site, including index and forums pages. Here are some examples of link locations on the site:
    Index Page
    Main Page Example
    Forums Page Example

    The site has been online since 1997 and is the #1 most visited Drew fansite. It has consistently ranked #1 in Google for keywords "drew barrymore." Daily page visits average between 1800-2100.

    Each link runs $10 per month, payable with Paypal only. If you would like a longer link which would cover all 5 slots, it would run $40 per month (only available while all slots are open). PM me or email admin AT if you're interested.

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    I might be interested in advertising my site on yours. I want a link on the frontpage right above the site counter. Please get back to me asap.

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    There are now 4 slots left. This means the $40/all 5-slot option is no longer available.

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    How much traffic do you get?

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    Here are Webalizer stats for June (info between the 1st and 6th not available due to a server change).
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    3 links remaining.

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    Decided to have only three text links total, so there is only one slot left. PM me if interested!

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