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    [FOR SALE] Profesional vBulletin Skin Coded with extras

    Hello guys and girls here we have a very nice vBulletin skin for sale.

    This Skin comes complete with a custom postbit, custom icons and a custom flyer to help get your site off to a great start.

    View the design here

    You will get.

    - Full categorized PSD file, of the forum skin, postbit, icons, flyer
    - All fonts are included.
    - vBulletin style .xml coded for vB3.0.7

    I am asking $600 (or near offer) paypal for the lot.
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    I have seen that same exact forum skin used.

    I'm not sure what the URL is though. Talkweed? Weedtalk?

    Something like that.

  3. #3 is the site you're thinking of.

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    Yup, for sure I know I saw that at TalkWeed, do you own this site?

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    Yes the skin is in use at talkweed, but once sold it will be taken down sorry i should of said that in the 1st post

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    RoundHost: If you are who I think you are, hit me up via email (you should have my gmail address handy ).

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    No worrys KW2146

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    Price drop to $500. Grab this amazing offer while you can

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    KW2146, i have been trying to contact you with no luck.

    Are you still interested in the package?

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    Would you mind elaborating the origin of the design? The notice caught my attention.


  11. #11 is just demo text KW, it can be changed to your forums name.

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