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    Sportfan website getting facelift..

    We are giving a facelift... here is the link to what we have so far.. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated..

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    Well, I'm not a good one really to review your site as I loathe black sites (and always change the view), but I tried to keep an open mind.
    I couldn't stay on long for a look though as the music was driving me nuts!

    Couple of comments from my quick look...
    the scrolling text is very small and hard to read, the site designed by blue link is difficult to read, and in Firefox (didn't look in IE) the two blue scroll bars wreck a nice look.
    Overall, pretty nice look and feel (and I know not everyone has the aversion to black sites that I have), but, geepers, I hope that repetitive music stops when someone clicks a link!

    Another thing to consider, those visitors who use adblock add-ons to their browsers will miss seeing most of the site. More than half disappears, including the login to the forums.

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    The sound can be muted from the site but also it is only going to be on the main page and only for a few weeks of the rollout..

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    Well it looks quite good I must admit, and since I love dark backgrounds I must tell you I like it. Best of luck with it.

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    Thanks.. we now have the forum to match and are adding the mods with cash and all and should go live soon.. please visit back in a few days and give an update on the live site..

    Thanks again.

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    It looks good.

    Other than the music thing, although it's a bit dark, it looks cool and very professional.

    Well done and all the best.

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    Could use to be a bit wider. It also seems very unorganized. Other than that good graphic work.

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    Yah I just dont like the music either way. Maybe if it was soemthing else. Layout is good and I like the features on the site. Not a fan of dark sites but its still good.

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