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    need network person

    We need a network person who has an experience in setting up network for online games , with clustering and failover .

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    I've never heard of game hosters using any kind of clustering method to improve the reliability of their games. Do you mean common game servers such as counterstrike?
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    might want to post this in "employment offers and requests"

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    As far as network consultants go, you might want to contact Jeff at Innovative Network Concepts:

    The best you're going to be able to do with clustering is to have multiple servers available to take over for a failed server. Anyone currently connected to a game when the server fails will be disconnected, but when they reconnect, they'll connect to the backup server.
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    It would also be useful if you stated where you are geographically.

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    Could you let us know where you are and if there are any actual requirements in terms of academic degree?

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    It could be a web based game as that's likely the only type of game I realisticly see being clustered or load balanced besides a major graphical MMO running on a customized *nix cluster. Still, you might need someone experienced as a sysadmin or programmer to tie all the pieces together to make it work.

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