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    SSH commands to download n upload

    anyone can help me with followings:

    1 commands to download files in server from Shell a/c (for eg if i need to download to my server from shell)

    2 commands to upload files from my pc to server from shell (without ftp)

    i'm use putty and got freeBSD server


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    You probably want to look at scp.

    scp source dest

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    put a webserver on to your computer and with wget get the file from your computer to the server

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    how about downloading external files directly on server??

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    to download a file to your server


    to upload a file to your server from your computer

    you can upload the file via FTP to your server
    then use wget or use SCP client such as

    which is free for non-commercial use

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    I see you are already using putty.
    You can use PSCP.EXE or PSFTP.EXE. PSFTP has a ftp like user interface, whereas PSCP is like the cp command.
    If you don't already have the executables, just goto putty's website and download them.

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    btw, for windows, there's also Like putty, it's also open source software.

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    I use SSH Trechia and it works wonders for me.. it cost's money but its worth it (i think)... It has a built in FTP so you wouldnt need any sort of ftp.. then it also stores usernames / ips for your servers ( it does not store passwords) great program.. I would recommend using that..

    Theres a way to connect to FTP using ssh.. I dont remember exactly what the commands are but i'll try and find that out..

    as for getting the files.. use

    "wget http://path/to/file"

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    I Use rsync

    i personaly use rsync with ssh. rsync is a more advanced version on scp. i like it better than scp myself because its easier to build into more advanced shell scripts, but it basicly uses the same commandline options as scp for basic transfers. If you want to use it to transfer files from your windows pc to your linux webserver i would recommend downloading cygwin, its a linux shell will give you all the same commands you have on your webserver on your windows desktop.

    so you would want to
    1. install cygwin (do a google search for it) and make sure that the ssh and rsync packages are selected. this gives you a bash shell in windows.
    2. then say you have a folder on your computer call htdocs/ that has all of the files for you site in it. then you would just type:

    rsync -a -e ssh --progress path/to/htdocs/ [email protected]ess:/path/to/site/root/

    how it works is rsync connects to your server with ssh and runs the rsync command on your server, it checks the timestamp on the files on your server and on your local machine and if the version on your computer is newer it uploads it. this saves a lot of time if your only updated a few things localy and saves you from uploading the whole site every time while still useing the same command every time. once thats working you can make an alias in for it in your .bashrc file and save your self from typeing that everytime.

    Personaly i use rsync for everything from transfering files between pc's in my house to doing incremental backups. its a very usefull command. of corse i use linux everyday instead of windows so this might not be the best option for you

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    What jgrimes said is correct. But its useful for Linux server. He also mentioned that Linux is better than Windows. I could not agree more.

    But for Windows server, the solution is already given by thestreet .

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    Originally posted by technocatch
    What jgrimes said is correct. But its useful for Linux server. He also mentioned that Linux is better than Windows. I could not agree more.

    But for Windows server, the solution is already given by thestreet .

    Ummm.... there *is* rsync for Windows too.
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    Originally posted by jslivko
    Ummm.... there *is* rsync for Windows too.
    well that makes it easier then. i never had a reason to look myself

    On the subject of windows, do they also have an sshd too? cause you would need it if your wanted to have remote systems send files your windows pc. otherwise you have to start all your rsync commands from your localmachine and have it grab the files off your remote machines, rather than ssh to your remote system and rsync it back to your local machine which is ususaly easier.

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    If you're running a freebsd server, wget doesn't come with it by default. You're gonna need to use the "fetch" program for that.


    for uploading via ssh. setup an HTTP+SSL server on your machine, and then use fetch to download from that location.

    there's also sftp, which is much more secure than normal ftp.

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