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    Portland and Port5 : any good ?

    recently came across this site: (and their free version

    Seems very attractive. Only 11 GBP per year for a hosting package, same price if you want webmail as well. The features seem okay as well.

    Does anyone have any experience with them ? Are they any good ?

    I am a bit in doubt... The hosting package seems good and reasonably priced, though they also offer free webhosting via

    I am always a bit suspicious when an internet service is 'free'. Now I won't go for free hosting anyway so that's not the problem, but if a company also offers free hosting, then how are they sure to survice financially ? Customers chosing the paid hosting could also be losing their site if the company would not survice financially, which is always a risk when they also offer free services (==> expenses for maintaining all servers, while they only get incoming money from part of their customers)
    If I pay for hosting I expect continuity of service and wish not to be losing my website because fellow customers prefer not to pay...

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    They look ok they donít offer a huge deal different compared to other hosts. They look fine
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    That is not strange. I now several well-known web-hosting providers that offers a free web-hosting, usually with no technical support and without database support, with many other limitations. For example, you have a FREE plans at (but carefull, do not exceed monthly bandwidth or you have to pay for first payed package that is not cheap at all) or even .

    I really do not realize why is that so strange to you.

    On the other side, you have many more or less reliable web-hosting providers that offer a cheap web-plans for less than 30 Euros/year, usually with annual payments only.

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    I had a free account with portland about a 1 year back, the load time was slow and site was frequently down... however, that doesn't reflect performance of their paid versions.. paid might be good. Also if you check their forums, you will get some idea about the issues with their regular and paid hosting!

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