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    Creative Character Design Needed.

    I am looking to have a picture turned into a creative character design or a cartoon design.
    So what you would need to do is
    Draw the JPG photo that I have. (I am guessing?)
    If you have experience in this field please post a link to your
    portfolio with a price to do the work.

    Thank you,

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    Hey, I'm sure 'consul' here, can do this job...

    Heres his thread:

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    haha, yea, i was just about to say
    Can do it. Consul is a great guy, and you will defeinitley get top quality work.

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    I have seen Castlemelody's website and I sent them an email
    but have yet to hear back from them on a price.

    Anyone else?

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    may be I can help? cartooning things is my job, let me hear if you still need me...

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    Originally posted by sandrodz
    may be I can help? cartooning things is my job, let me hear if you still need me...
    Do you have portfolio I can look at?

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    i recommend

  8. #8 has some nice things

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    mythical, mp.Designs, renegadeavenger:

    Thank you very much for the recommendation. We really appreciate it.

    doot, Thank you very much for your interest. We did respond to an email inquiry about the pricing, but somehow the email may have not reached you.

    For your conveniece, we have given you information on a private message.

    And for the sake of others, the custom illustration pricing is still $100. There are plans to increase the pricing due to an overhead increase, inflation and VAT policy changes in our government.

    Thanks again. Everyone is invited to order.

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