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    Please help me decide how to set up my domain site

    I would like to set up a site from which I can sell domains to my customers (webmasters). I would like something that is basically automated, handling the checkout, and allowing customers access their domains.

    I've looked into WildWestDomains, DirectI, and eNom. Both DirectI and eNom require you pre-deposit and (if I'm not mistaken) keep a balance on your account. The Domain Only WWD program does not (again, if I'm not mistaken), although you are charged a signup/annual fee. I really do not like the idea of constantly having to monitor my domain account to make sure it is filled.

    Do any of the 3 companies I've mentioned fit what I'm looking for? Anyone have good/bad experiences with any of the 3?

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    Go for Directi or eNom. I havent heard SO MANY good things about WWD.
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