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    Whats new and who has it?

    Well I have been very happy with my reseller account I have had for well over a year now. But I am wondering whats new in the reseller industry what's hot? what's not? what seems to be the BIG seller? I like and have only used cPanel.
    Also whos appears to be the leading company selling reseller plans?

    your thoughts?


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    Not much is new. Cpanel is still the dominant control panel by far (doesn't mean its the best). Whats still rare enough is a good experience over a long term. If you are that happy stay where you are.

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    Like demostorm said, really nothing much is new. Unlimited hosts are still there with their cult following, prices are driven down by sheer competition although quality is subject to critique...
    New site:

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    prices are driven down by sheer competition
    The process being favored by the ever increasing overselling margin.

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