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    OsCommerce Assistance Needed - Easy Job

    Hi there,

    To be honest I'm pretty confident changing the PHP files etc and installing contributions but I just need somebody who I can talk to on MSN about 2 particular problems, they are:

    1)I have a category on an expanding and contracting menu and I basically when it's clicked just want to display a table of links to products and a price - I want to do this in HTML. Now - I can add the html to display in the category part from the admin section but it also shows a default text (blue header) like: "Price (Excluding VAT)" and another bit of text. I want to get rid of these and just show my html. I need advice on how to do this.

    2) I want to write my own HTML page where I can list multiple products but have a OSCommerce Buy It Now button on so when the customer clicks it the product is added to the os commerce trolley and continues as normal. How would I go about doing this ? Do I have to create a product first as per normal through admin and then hide it some how ?

    Please contact me on either:
    AIM - webdirectservice
    MSN - [email protected]
    Or Email [email protected]

    I'm prepared to pay to the person who helps me solve these problems. Please also contact me if you would like clarification on the problems /or a link to the site.


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    take a look there:

    best regards,

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