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    100 domains registration

    Would like to know if there is any registrar which offer $3/year/domain registration if we buy 100 domains or more .

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    I dont think you will find someone, unless they kill you on the renewal somehow, as i think, if i remember rightly that ICANN charges $6 for the registraton (someone correctme if i am wrong) so if someone did do it, it would actually cost them $300 $6 i think would be the lowest that you could get, if you found a ICANN registra willing to do it. Other than that, places that i can think of that are fairly low all the time would be a directi reseller.

    P.S. You could always try the offers/requests forums to see if anyone is doing domains cheap at the moment.
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    You are correct, ICANN sells domains directly to registrars for $6.00. So anyone selling for less then that, is doing so at a loss.

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