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    [For Hire] Domain Support / Seller

    Hello all,

    I'm currently in a 3-5 month break from full time employment so I'm looking for support positions in the domain field. Why the domain field you may ask?

    [list=a][*]Huge domain fan[*]Portfolio of my own[*]Knowledge regarding domains etc.[/list=a]

    I'm always upto date with the domain news and industry. I have knowledge with most aspects of domain problems and feel that I could offer the support to others. This could be for a webhosting company that offer domains; or similiar.

    Pay is not a huge problem, it's more of a time killer than anything. After the 3-5 months I would more than likely have to do a few hours a night. Currently can do most hours through the day.

    Please contact me for more information or for my CV.

    Email: matt[a t]


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    I must also add the "seller" section.

    I'm willing to sell your domains if you have a portfolio but a busy schedule. Please email me at the above address for more information.

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