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    Hi guys
    i just purchased a domain
    It has an exact key phrase shown in Overture for 8000+ searches make on May.
    Can you help me to determine the value of it, or maybe it worth only reg fee ?


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    yup it worth only reg fee to me.

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    Ooo .... man
    Should not try to invest on domain ...LOL
    Wrong judgement everytime i bought one

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    Yeah its a reg. fee alright. Don't beat yourself down about it, everyone gets the reality shock that their domain isn't worth the $xxx,xxx's it looked like it could get when you see some of the crap that goes for big money at the start. The main thing to do is to learn from your mistakes and do a lot of research before buying that domain. Check if the name is registered with other extensions, see if it has been previously registered or was active in the past (, see how many times the keywords (and the domain with the extension) is search for using Overture's Inventory tool (, ask a few of your friends how it sounds (they dont have to be domain kings/queens) and read up on the subject of the domain to see if it would be easy and profitable to develop a site about it. It's worth trawling through forums to see what similar domains get in the real world of reselling domains.

    It can be a lucrative business if you take the right approach and keep learning as you go along.

    One more thing. Always reg. with a company that allows you to push a domain to another account. When selling domains on the cheap, people are highly unlikely to buy it if they have to pay a transfer fee on top of it. Just said I'd throw this in, in case you weren't aware of it

    Happy domaining!


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    Nice advice ...
    Unlucky me. I purchase all of my domain from yahoo. No push!

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