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    small site help needed

    Hi, I have a small site (link in Sig) it's not really intended to be all that flash or fancy.
    It's suse linux 7.0 and apache 1.3.12 .The problem is when i try and start it with
    rcapache start
    rcapache reload
    I get "syntax error in httpd.conf" or the like, if i take the line from the rcapache script;
    /usr/sbin/httpd -f /etc/httpd/httpd.conf
    and put it on the command line apache starts and runs, I haven't changed any thing in the httpd.conf.
    So if anyone 's got any ideas, i'd be grateful, thanks for listening-

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    check the log file and try to find out on which line does the error comes.... or if it is a new server , just try with an apache default file.
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