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    Need someone to help me with flash

    Dont have the money to pay someone to do it but dont have the skills or software to do it myself

    Can anyone help me? we bought a template with flash header from template monster, we need the header customising with our name.

    Cant post a link till i have more than 5 posts!

    Where it says Gamer zone we want it changing to Future Play and everything about games changing to the future of games.

    To me it seems impossible but im sure to the more computer savvy its gunna be easy, is there anyone willing to help me out with this?

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    Not quite understand what you need. Send me a link and see if I can help.

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    Hi, can you leave your email adress for me? im not allowed to post or pm url's till i have more posts.

    Basically we have a flash template and we want the text changing in the template.

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    I am willing to do this for you. Please send me an email at matt @ mattswebsolutions (without the spaces) with the template attached and I will make the changes for you.
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