We're considering hiring someone to assist with our hosting company.

Our company runs Plesk with 4PSA tools on FreeBSD servers, our admin and storage servers run FreeBSD or Debian. We hope to introduce Plesk Windows hosting and a Virtuozzo VPS offering in the near future. Our admin system is home brew, but we're looking at HSP Complete and also Modernbill/4PSA Hosting Manager.

We would be looking for someone to work remotely from anywhere in the world (we're UK based ) for around 15 hours per week, ideally with you being avaiable at some point each working day. These hours could increase with time.

Jobs would include day to day sysadmin work, some customer support at all levels (usually only a handfull of enquiries per week), migration of existing customers onto new servers, and plenty of other things.

You would not be required for "on call" or "live support". References would be required.

Contact me [email protected] stating your experience, avaiable hours and expected rate of pay.