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Thread: Linux Quotas

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    Linux Quotas

    I am running CentOS 3.5 and Webmin.

    I am finding it hard finding information regarding setting up disk space quotas for users - is there a way to do it via Webmin?

    In Webmin I see the option Disk Quotas. I clicked it and it said:

    No local filesystems can support quotas.
    You can enable quotas for a filesystem in the Disk and Network Filesystems module.
    So I went to the Disk and Network Filesystems module, clicked the partition that is mounted as /, next to Use Quotas? I selected User Only, clicked Save, and it said:

    The changes to the mount on / could not be applied, as the mount is currently in use. To have your changes made to the permanent mount list only, click on the button below.

    Apply to Permanant List
    Is it safe to unmount / so that I can enable quotas? Or is there a better way to enable them?

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    You are safe to use the following command and this will enable the quotas,

    mount -o remount /dev/sda*

    Note: change the /dev/sda* according to your partitions.
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    Thanks, that worked great.

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