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    * Reboot broadcast message: a small question

    Hi All..

    I have a small question. I see the following message when I work on a server having high load issues. I was the only one logged in at that time and I am sure it wasnt me who rebooted the server. From the message it looks like some cron or some thing is set so as to reboot the server when the load goes above a particular value..

    "Broadcast message from root (Sun May 25 00:00:18 2005):

    The system load is dangerously high, reboot in progress.

    Broadcast message from root (Sun May 25 00:00:22 2005):

    The system is going down for reboot NOW!"

    I feel its a silly thing which I am not yet aware of.. Can anyone help me figure it out.. Coz I really want whatever causing this to stop rebooting my box when the load is just 60 or 150 or something lik that.. and allow me to rather work on the server..!

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    Check your logs, particularly cron logs.
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    It looks like that you installed SIM (System Integrity Monitor) :

    Edit your SIM config file to stop rebooting your server when the load goes up:

    nano -w /usr/local/sim/sim.conf
    replace RST_LM="true" with RST_LM="false"


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    Hi ali_hamad,
    Thanks for that! It was SIM which was working behind the background:-D

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    FYI: The SIM conf file for me was at /usr/local/sim/conf.sim

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