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Thread: Is this cheap?

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    Is this cheap?
    Maxtor 250GB Ultra 16 internal hard drive
    Save $70. one-time buy
    after instant savings & easy rebate
    Valid Jun 26 - Jul 9

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    Ultra 16MB cache
    7200 RPM rotational speed, ideal for digital videos
    250GB stores up to 250 hours of MPEG video or 62,500 MP3 files or 250,000 JPEG photos
    $169.98 - $40 instant savings - $30 easy rebate = $99.94

    I know, i know lol... ill go there and search whilest you post here lol...

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    for 99 bucks, sure why not. It has a 16mb cache. Tho I'm not a fan of Maxtor at all. I prefer Seagate.

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    Yes, thats a pretty good deal.

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    Its pretty good deal, normally its for around $130, what does this easy rebate constitues of, is it mail in rebate or something else?

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    An easy rebate is a rebate you can do online, and get it back faster. You can always mail it in too.

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    Seems like a good deal for the money but personally I have never had good luck hardware wise from that brand of drive for a home setup. Did however have a dedicated that worked out well though.

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