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    Moving hosts: problems changing from Windows to Linux?

    Hi there, I apologise if this question's been asked before but I wasn't able to find it anywhere: the site at which I assist is currently looking for a new host due to the woefully inadequate service we've received from our current host ( Neither I nor the site owner are exactly techie gurus so we're leery of the whole "site transfer" process - the information in your Tutorials forum has been wonderfully helpful but one thing I couldn't find was information about transferring from a Windows-based host to a Linux-based one. Is this likely to cause any problems? Are there any special issues we should be aware of if we do this?

    The main reason I'm considering this type of switch is that it seems there are a lot more reasonably-priced and favourably-reviewed Linux-based hosts (at least, that I've found thus far!) so I'd hate to ignore that option unnecessarily. For what it's worth, the site we're running consists of multiple static pages (just your typical graphics / content fare) along with a vBulletin-based forum. I know vBulletin can be run on Linux so I'm hoping that won't be an issue, but again, at this point I'd just like to be aware of what we'd be setting ourselves up for should we elect to do this switch.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide! =)

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    Case-sensitive files can be an issue. In a Windows file the case of a file doesn't matter. But in a Linux environment if you have a page called "Contact.html" and you link to "contact.html" the link won't work.

    Upload the site and test the links. Or better still find a program that crawls the site on the Linux host and does this for you. Sorry off the top of my head I can't think of a good one.
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    Mike's response points out the biggest problem you may have, and that really isn't much. The only other issue you may have is if you used any absolute paths in your code. Otherwise, you should not notice any difference.
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    The transtion shouldn't be too hard unless you encounter the problem mentionned by CTP. Other than that everything should go smoothly.

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    From your description, it definitely sounds like the change should go smoothly - apart from the case-sensitivity thing mentioned.
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    We had the case sensitive problem once when we moved one of our dedicated servers from windows to linux, but we fixed it will a apache module, but i carnt remember where i found the info on it... you might find your new host can help you out with this
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    Ah, that's certainly good to hear, I'm glad to know that suggesting a switch from Windows to Linux isn't going to give the site owner cause to rain doom and destruction down upon my blundering head =) The case sensitivity issue is a good one to look out for, I don't think it ought to cause major headaches for us but I appreciate the heads-up. Could I ask for more info about that "absolute paths" issue, though? Does Linux not like absolute paths? I know that there are some places where we've used them to help with pages we thought we might move one or more times; if that is something else we'll need to 'fix' before such a switch I'd better figure out just how many of those suckers we have ...

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    Originally posted by ZephyrSamba
    Does Linux not like absolute paths? I know that there are some places where we've used them to help with pages we thought we might move one or more times; if that is something else we'll need to 'fix' before such a switch I'd better figure out just how many of those suckers we have ...
    If you use absolute paths in your code you'll need to update them. These are the main differences I can think of right now:
    - Linux doesn't use drive letters. / is the root directory. Everything else is under it. For example, home directories are usually /home/username.
    - Linux use "/" instead of "\" for directories.
    - Filename is case sensitive in Linux.

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    One more thing that comes to mind here is, do you have any databases and are they MySQL and did you use any ASP scripting?

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    *chews her lower lip* Well, our forum runs vBulletin, which if I understand correctly uses a back-end mySQL database - according to the vBulletin site it can be run on Linux but are there certain issues that may arise here?

    As far as I know we're not using any ASP scripting - at least, I know for certain that neither I nor the site owner have (or could have!) implemented any on our own, and I don't believe vBulletin runs that out of the box, does it?

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    You will need to update the VB configuration files. Windows servers have paths such as C:/Program Files/webserver/youraccount/forum whereas on linux you will need to update the link to /home/youracountname/public_html/forum

    This is done pretty easily, the MySQL database values will have to be edited I think to username_yourdatabase.

    Otherwise aside from the case sensitive file names, a switch should be seamlessly simple.

    Hope all goes well for you
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