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    Pinging from different places.

    Good Day,

    I looked over the forum groups and decided this was the best place for this question.

    I want to know how accessable, via ping, a host is not only from my computer but from different locations around the world. I have done a search engine search and did not find what I was looking for.

    Does anyone know of an online service that can ping a site(server) from different locations so that I can see how long long a ping request is from say Canada, United States, a few place in Europe, etc?

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    You're best bet that I can think of is to do a search, there are alot of IP identifier sites out there that offer a PING feature, only problem is that you will have to find out where that site is hosted at..

    Or you could always find Proxy IP's in the countrys you wish to ping from and use those..
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    If you just want to take a quick peak, do a google for 'looking glass ping' - should be very helpful.

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