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    [Random] Speed Threading...

    I don't know if there's a real term for it, so I just made it up, but have you ever found it MORE enjoyable, when there is a "hot" thread so to speak, and that the postings are informational, but yet quick, to the point that its borderline "live chatting"?
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    Lost you there....haha

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    I know exactly what you're talking about... and I love it

    A live forum is SO much more interesting than waiting for 30 minutes at a time just to see a new post... especially on a thread that you are very interested in

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    My only problem with this idea is it conflicts with my typing style. I am the type of person who will post my thoughts across many lines, instead of just in one (which is required in a case like this).

    Always interesting discussion going on at WHT...
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    i agree iwth the first poster on most accounts, but sometimes with NickCatal if the discussion gets a bit deep
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