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    heya, long time no see. I have several questions in regard to this host, would be good if someone can help me:

    1. Are they a reputable company? How long have they being in business for?
    2. Are they managed or unmanaged? What's the level of management they provide?
    3. If you have being with them before, how's their support service? How's their uptime?
    4. What's your overall opinion of this host? Is the price too good to be true?

    thanks for any help in advance.
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    1. According to the whois records, they are fairly new
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    2.Going by the prices, they appear to be unmanaged.
    3. Not sure...
    4. They seem like an LT reseller to me, why not just go direct through LT?

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    thanks for your reply and i will definitely take those advice into account.

    I will also appreciate any opinion from anyone who has used them before / is using them.
    Taiwan independence!!!
    Go Sydney Swans!!!

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