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    partner wanted for gaming site network

    Call of Duty is a very popular 1st person shooter, they are releasing COD2 shortly.

    I have the domains and which obviously would be a great development for this particular game.

    I don't however have all the know-how of putting a site up...soo....I'm looking for a partner in this venture:

    I will provide:

    -lifetime hosting of the site

    -domains &

    -Owned VB license

    -share the admin work once site is complete

    As the partner you will:

    -Get the site up and running.

    -share in the admin work once complete (mod the forums etc)

    As partners we will share any and all revenue the site generates via banner advertisements etc. If interested, we can do the same thing with the upcoming release Age of Empires 3. I have the domains and and

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    I am interested, please contact me on ICQ/AIM.

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    Email me at totino [at] Id be willing to help you out

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    the spot has been filled for the site, but there is still / for Age of Empires III for anyone interested.

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    I may be interested. I have maybe create a network

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