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    IPB 2.1: Technology Preview Release

    I have tested and found ipb 2.1 to be quite one of the best versions out, there is a debate over "A minute ago" doesn't really make sense (IMHO)
    That topic is soo funny, people i dont know if its correct, might read it, and tell ur opinion here on wht.

    Also i saw a post:

    A user didnt read the instructions, and tryed upgrading his company board to 2.1 when there is no way to upgrade yet, because it is a preview release.

    It was soo funny that ipb put in the announcement that it is encoded, and expires in august, how could someone overlook reading instructions? Not very smart...

    Invision Power Services is very pleased to announce a special, customer only technology preview of Invision Power Board v2.1.


    Invision Power Board (IPB) 2.1 is the latest development version of our award winning Invision Power Board line of software and features many brand new original and innovative features as well as a totally re-designed administrative control panel and many few customization features.

    IPB 2.1 builds on the solid foundations of our previous releases and extends functionality and improves the user interface with many time-saving tools. IPB 2.1 has been totally refactored to increase efficiency and improve the OOP (object orientated programming) engine which now allows seamless integration with our forthcoming CMS product.

    IPB 2.1's new features high-lights include:

    * Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editor
    Allow your members to easily format their posts, signatures and personal messages.
    * RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Import
    Import RSS content from all over the 'net as new topics in any forum you choose.
    * RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Export
    Allow others to syndicate your content by setting up exclusive RSS export streams from forums of your choice.
    * Multiple Question Polls
    Create new polls in our easy to use interface. Set different questions for multiple question polls.
    * Member's Display Name
    Optionally allow your members to choose thier own display name which is separate from their log-in username, and change it as often as you allow.
    * Components Framework
    Download pre-written components and install them with a few clicks. Create new functionality without needing to
    touch a line of IPB's code; future-proof your modifications!
    * Improved Forum and Topic Marking
    Forum are topic markers are now stored in the database. Our comprehensive system accurately tracks all your unread
    topics regardless of which computer you use to access your account.
    * Topic Rating
    Allow your members to rate each other's topics. This can be set per forum and per usergroup.
    * Concurrent Post Capture
    Optionally merge concurrent posts within a settable time-limit. Prevent "And another thing..." from creating a new
    * In-line Topic Editing
    An IPS innovation: Edit topics from the forum listing without a need to refresh your page!
    * In-line Post Editing
    An IPS innovation: Edit posts quickly from the topic view page without reloading the topic!
    * Member Name Suggest
    An IPS innovation: When composing a new PM or pruning a forum, enter part of a member's name and IPB will bring up a
    list of suggested matches, instantly!
    * MyAssistant Re-Designed
    An IPS innovation: A combined floating palette comprising of instant notification of new PMs with the ability to
    cycle through recent PMs. Instant "new posts" listing, and quick search - all used without a single page refresh!
    * Re-designed Admin Control Panel
    A totally re-worked ACP. A new tab system categorizes the ACP menu making it much easier to find what you want!
    * Re-designed Template Editing Screen
    Taking advantage of the very latest scripting tools, we've totally re-worked the template editing interface making
    it much easier to find the correct template bit you need to edit and even allowing you to edit several at once.
    * Log In Authentication
    Choose between different types of authentication. Use existing member databases to authenticate your users; allow
    a single password for your current member systems and your forums! LDAP and .Net PassPort modules being developed

    IPB 2.1's refactoring not only increases efficiency and scalability; it also allows for our new components framework. The components framework allows modification authors to extend IPB's functionality. Using a very simple ACP / directory interface, modification authors will be able to "hook" into the core functionality such as: UserCP menu generation, ACP menu generation, Online list generation and cache pre-loading.

    IPB 2.1 will also feature a new API (APplication Interface) allowing you to use core functions from IPB in your own software. The new HTTP-API system allows all this to be done without the need to code a single line!



    As this version is encoded, you'll need to make sure that you have the Zend optimizer installed. This is a FREE download from

    Please read the full instructions available in the "readme.txt" file in the download.


    This special version of Invision Power Board has been created so that you may sample what's coming in IPB 2.1. Nearly all the features have been written but there are a few remaining to be finished and aren't featured in this release.

    These features include:
    * ACP: Per admin permission options
    * ACP: Complete log in integration
    * ACP: Language tools

    This technology preview is not supported in any way. We will not provide installation services or upgrade services for this release.

    We permit you to install this alongside any existing boards and there is no need to install a license key on this release.

    This release is stand-alone and no upgrade path to future BETAs will be made available. Do not attempt to upgrade an existing board. For testing/demo purposes only.


    Future BETA releases will NOT be encoded and neither will any FINAL releases. This version is encoded merely to give it a finite shelf-life and to enforce that it's not upgradable from IPB 2.0 or to any future releases.


    Customers can download directly from their download center (make sure you log in first!).

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    Im testing it right now, it look very good.
    Quote, "Google is your best friend!"

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    It's great. I love the RSS import and export functions. The new log in authentication feature looks very promising (being able to combine the user database of a phpBB board with your IPB, for example).

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    Originally posted by Influx
    It's great. I love the RSS import and export functions. The new log in authentication feature looks very promising (being able to combine the user database of a phpBB board with your IPB, for example).
    Or .NET Passport even
    Quote, "Google is your best friend!"

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    I'm also testing it out. It looks pretty good. The ACP is better organized, but not too convient for dialup users. Maybe they'll cook up somethign to use javascript for section changing.

    It looks excellent though, can't wait to see the beta, and final releases.

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    ya it is good, they are going to be the best.

    I still support PHPBB.

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    it looks good, but not good than vB.. i was using ipb from a long time and stopped

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    Sure...phpbb it's better!

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    Waiting and waiting and waiting forever for the phpBB 3 Olympus ...

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