View Poll Results: How much does the amount of bandwidth offered affect your decision to go with a host?

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  • Barely an issue; more is not better

    12 26.67%
  • Moderately an issue; a reasonable amount is good enough

    20 44.44%
  • Significant issue; more bandwidth is better

    5 11.11%
  • Major issue; a certain amount of bandwidth is a must have.

    8 17.78%
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    How big of a deal is Bandwidth to you?

    I have seen more often than not people say that they need tens to hundreds of gigs worth of bandwidth, yet, in my experience, a lot of the time, clients hardly use more than a couple of gigs.

    Please Post how much bandwidth you use on average on a regular basis, and vote on how much bandwidth affects your decision to go with a web host. I am against gross overselling, I am merely curious after seeing a few hosts offer 100gb bandwidth for a few bucks a month.
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    i usu use around about 1.5gigs a month but once i plan to get a good site going, it will be going up

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    My old website had alot of videos on it, so it used up quite alot of my bandwidth, which wasn't very good because I had to pay out more money for hosting costs

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    Major necessity for me. Stream a lot of vids so I definitely need the unmetered deals.

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    Major for me, since most of the time the website I end up making is forum only.

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    Depend on what to you host. If you have in terms and conditions the term that you can`t have music and videos, you don`t need a large bandwith.

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    moderatly important

    just need enough to make sure the site is up and working and not giving exceeded bandwidth allotments .

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    I would imagine that for 9/10 people, a stable server and reliable service is probably alot more important than bandwidth.
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    Large necessity for myself as well.
    I currently pump about 300 gigs of personal bandwidth.

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    I got 100gb, and that is alot more than I need =)

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    I would imagine that for 9/10 people, a stable server and reliable service is probably alot more important than bandwidth.
    I agree.

    The main problem I see is that many of those with high bandwidth requirements don't plan at all for ways to afford those high data transfer quotas. When hobby sites outgrow the budget of the owner, instead of finding ways to make the site pay for itself, they start to look for a new host - one that offers twice what they have at their current host, for half the price.

    A site has a financial aspect to it, as it involves some costs, and unfortunately many if not most people tend to treat this aspect with insufficient attention. That's when bandwidth becomes a "big deal".

    BTW, I voted "Barely an issue; more is not better", but fact is "a certain amount of bandwidth is [always] a must have."

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    I think different users need different BW amounts. For our customers it is not an issue at all. On average our customers use about 1-2 gig per month... some use very very little and some may use up to 10 gigs max. Some hosts seem to "specialize" in giving 100 gigs of BW for $5 but this is not our business model so we have never gotten customers that need this (except for our dedicated customers but of course they pay much more ).

    Anyway, I think there are plenty of hosts out there that if high BW is needed it can be found without everyone needing to oversell.

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    90% of our customers don't use more then 10% of their alloted data transfer. And we don't even oversell.
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    Every site I've ever worked on (commercial, nonprofit, personal, etc) has used over 50% of its disk space before going over 10% of its allotted transfer. I can't imagine having a bandwidth problem for any of my sites, short of a slashdotting or a mention on Oprah.

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    I dont use much. lets see how much I get with my new site.

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