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    Hello All,

    I recently picked up these two domain names:


    I had the first one apparised and paid for and waiting. I just found out about this really cool place. Can you guys give me a nestimate on what you think they are worth? Both a super easy to remember and have verious uses from a web developing company or web ecommerce software, to an eletronic polls placeo elections or you could create a service that allows people to create polls for their websites ect..

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    Honestly, I think both mid $xx undeveloped.

    Let me tell you why...

    Basically, there are a lot of sites just like those, with better names, and they already reach a great majority of the people looking for things like that (web store builders, or polls). Granted, just because there are half a dozen pizza shops in my small italian town, doesn't mean I shouldn't open a pizza shop.

    It's all about the quality of the product, be it your builder, your services, etc. Depending on how you .. make your pizza ... you could develop a good following, get a page rank on the domain, and of course do some investing in good designs.

    THEN - surely, it'd be worth a lot more than the mid $xx. However undeveloped, they aren't anything extremely unique or that different from XYZFIRM123 which might already be one step ahead of you with developed websites.

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    thanks for your input, dully appreciated

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    I think it's a good domain name and with some development it could be a winner
    don't know about it. I don't like the - in the name. In some articles about domain names i have read that it's not a great idea to place other characters in the name. Still the name is short and strong. It could be of real value.

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    Great potential and pretty good value in this domain. It's a little on the long side but not bad overall. I'd say it's a fairly popular industry and you have some great keywords.

    I'd say the domain is worth mid-high $xx as is and a lot more if developed. You might find an end user willing to pay more.

    As for - cannot say that I like it. It has a hyphen and the "e" detracts from the overall value. I'd say low $xx for this name.

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    I think is an ok name, its a bit long but its descriptive and subject-focused. As said above, it holds little value undeveloped really though. is one of those domains that may seem great when you first see its available. Its short and relatively descriptive but there are 2 big problems with it:

    1. Thanks to e-mail, eCommerce and eBay, many people think that sticking an e in front of any word makes for a good name. And while the name is certainly brandable to a certain degree, it suffers badly in that it will receive little traffic (or none at all). In this case it isn't bad as it could be used by a number of companies (those supplying web-based polls to those supplying electronic voting machines), but unless you can find the right end user it is still weak.

    2. The hyphen really murders it. Hyphens are probably the 2nd worst factor in the dragging down of a domain's value (after weak extensions). Their marketability is poor as you almost feel like you have to explain how to spell the domain name. You'd be better off having than in my opinion, as its easier to remember.

    I will say Low $xx max for the domain.

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