Quick at the point.
Ipotize i have a VPS based on virtuozzo and CPANEL.

1) If a client hosted on my VPS request much memory for php script ( i refer to the php.ini parameter: max memory allocation for php script ) can i setup locally this parameter by cpanel? How the memory is managed for php script execution ?

2) In one my past experience with a virtual hosting ( and not VPS ) i had this problem: the FTP user of each site was not also the webserver user. The webserver user was the same for ALL the sites of the virtual hosting. So there were problem with file own becasue all file uploaded by a php script were assigned to the unique webserver user ( web ) and not at the ftp user as all other file in that location ( uploaded b ftp ). For this reason there was also a problem for respecting quota. By cpanel there's a way to avoid it ? Is possible to have the ftpuser is also the LOCAL webserver user ? In other word if the ftp user is USER15, is possible to have, by cpanel, as local webserver user USER15 ?

3) Cpanel come with a list of software, isn't it ? It has a php accelerator ? what happen if i install a software not in bundle wit cpanel ?

4) There's a way to obtain a Printable pdf of cpanel documentation ?

Thanks a lot in advance !