You choose to read this because the title gave you interest in what this may be about, of course. Well, you can be glad you are reading this now because we're offering an excellent opportunity to earn some money that many would not want to miss out on.

Tenfour Studios is looking for sales associates. To be specific we'd like one in every major city in the U.S, but we're aiming for about 25 people at this present time.

Sales associates will be required to find clients in their local areas that need web development solutions. This will involve anything from cold calling to anything else that is legit that you can think of to gain clients. You will be commissioned based meaning you will make a percentage off of each sale/project that is paid for.

Commissions for sales associates should be between $150 - $300 +/project depending on what you can negotiate for with the clients. These are really great commissions if you were to gain us 2 projects a week. You do the math.

We also give some flexibility with the clients you seek by allowing you to offer up to 25% discount on standard prices.

The Project Managers are there all the way to help you become successful with this. If you don't make money neither do the Project Managers which is why they will do everything they can to help you.

If you are interested please e-mail us: [email protected]

We would like to know:

*Full Name
*Work history
*How can you help us? And why should we give you the opportunity?