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    Subdomain on different server

    I currently have my server, but I'm moving my Board to another server for best preformance. I want the subdomain to be - so I setup an A host entry on my server for forums to the Apache IP on the shared server. Then there is an account setup in the other server's WHM for - and the board is in the public_html.

    Now, I can only get to the board if I do - I've tried setting the A host entry for the nameserver as well, still no luck. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong!

    To recap, I'd like to move a subdomain to another server - and I'm having difficulty.


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    DNS doesn't control what user it's going to, that would be in the virtualhost part of apache

    DNS simply says which ip to goto, nothing more. From there on out, it's in the hands of apache, etc.

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    Thanks, but I just gave my site a dedicated IP and it works fine now.


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